Dear Khun Sirichai,

Many thanks for your phone call Sunday evening,  your concern and your willingness to help.

I have spoken with Khun Suwit who will be calling you Sunday night to confirm the starting salary for a caregiver.

The starting salary is Baht 7,000 for a person who does not have to have any special training, only strong enough to be able to pick up the patient  (as I cannot do that myself)  since Khun Suwit will explain all the details of how the care he needs is to be given.  If the person you can find works out well, the salary will certainly be adjusted upwards.  This is really a good opportunity for a person who is willing to learn and is in need of regular work.

Khun Suwit lives at  88/15 ซใ บุรีรมย์ 2,  ถ. ปรีพ้ฒน์,  ต. บ้านบารต, เขตป้อมปราบ  and his home phone number is  02-221-6691

My mobile number is 089-984-9764 and I will also be moving in to Khun Suwit"s home to watch how the new caregiver will react and to be a moral support for Khun Suwit who unfortunately has had bad experiences with  outside caregivers in the past.

Let us hope for the best.  Your help is most appreciated!

Your friend,
Khun Peter LaRamee